Gardening Bliss!

I’ve spent most of the weekend working in my yard. I used to never work in the yard. It wasn’t until last summer that I began gardening. My sister planted a small backyard garden for me as a wedding/housewarming gift. I guess you could say she gave me the gift that keeps on giving. In the long run though, I have become the giver. A giver of time and money. Gardening is expensive and time consuming!

Most of the payoff has been rewarding. My favorite plants so far have been gardenias, Carolina jasmine, and a blue butterfly bush. These three species have done exceptionally well in my red-clay soil and have held up to my less than par gardening skills. I have a black thumb, but these three bushes continue to thrive. I’ve not had much luck with my black-eyed susans or day lilies. I am hoping they perk up. I have moved them to new locations and fertilized them in hopes that this will rejuvenate them. They were pretty plants until I got a hold of them. I had some other unnamed plants that didn’t make it. I don’t think the drought helped my odds any last summer.

My newest, most exciting purchase was a unique perennial I found on sale at Pike’s for $2 a plant: snowflake candytufts. I am hoping they will make a nice filler on the front side of the house. Time will tell. My fingers are crossed! I keep checking out my husband’s best friend’s gardening blog for tips. If you are into gardening, her blog is very helpful and informative. Who would have ever thought that she just began gardening a couple of years ago? Maybe there’s hope for me after all.

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