Fashion crisis for near 30 year olds…

For the last year or so, I have felt that my clothes just don’t look right. I cannot find anything that I feel is comfortable, looks good, and expresses my personality. I have been trying to figure out why this is. I think I know the answer. It has dawned on me that most clothes are either way too young and trendy, or they are way too old looking for a 32 year old woman. I have style, but I also want comfort. Why is it so difficult to find clothing that fits these criteria?

My closet is full of blouses from one or two summers ago that I do not want to wear this season because they are already outdated. They must have been the latest style when I purchased them. I’ve figured out that the latest styles go out of style much faster than they come in. I cannot spare the extra time or money it takes to keep up with the latest trends. As I get older, I want my clothes to carry over year to year. This means they need to hold up: they need to remain stylish while still holding their shape for much longer than one season. Older people are able to do this. Why am I having such a difficult time?

Unfortunately, I’m not quite ready to fall into the “older” category just yet. I’ve been looking around, but I’ve yet to find the best solution. I do know that classic stores like Eddie Bauer and Ann Taylor Loft work well for a lot of people my age. But these stores are still not the perfect fit for me. Ann Taylor doesn’t always have clothes that I feel are the most comfortable to wear day to day, and some of Eddie Bauer’s clothes can be a bit older looking or too sporty. Eddie Bauer does have some great jeans that fit short, curvy women with tiny waists and fuller hips. The jeans are made one size smaller in the waist than in the hips and even have boot cut legs. The downside to their jeans is the thick denim they are made out of. I know this durability is what makes Eddie Bauer clothes such high quality, but a lightweight denim fabric that is a bit more worn would be nice for those of us that still want to look a little young and hip without feeling restricted by the heavy denim.

Today I found an awesome website that will design jeans for you based on your style and measurements. You get to design everything about the jeans: the color and weight of denim, waist and leg cuts, the type of pockets, and even the size of the hems. The jeans look awesome! They are a bit pricey ($135 a pair), but if you have a body shape like mine, then you have probably spent much more than that on a drawer full of jeans that really don’t fit. You buy a pair here and another pair there in hopes they will suffice, only to discover that they don’t. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable or ill-fitting pair of jeans.

I’ve designed my own customized pair, but I’m waiting a bit before I order them. I am hoping to lose some more weight first. I think they will be how I reward myself when I reach my goal weight. Gives me some extra motivation. Heck, while I’m at it, maybe I’ll throw in a boob job too! Kidding! Or am I? 🙂

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