Ignorance is No Defense

A couple of months ago my family listened to J. Tom Morgan speak on teens and the law. He is the author of a phenomenal book called Ignorance is No Defense. It is a must read for any teen living in the state of Georgia. It was eye opening to learn of the laws that affect teens as early as the age of 13.

While out shopping in November, my husband and I stumbled upon a watch shop in the mall roped off with crime tape. As we tried to maneuver around it, we noticed an athletic shoe store across from it had been roped off as well. We assumed it had been a Black Friday robbery or shoplifting event. There were policemen all around, and they were frantically blowing their whistles and shooing away onlookers. This infuriated me for many reasons.

On the way back down the escalator in front of the scene, I expressed my irritation at the police officers to a lady in front of me. I really wanted them to stop blowing their whistles at everyone. I felt it exaggerated the reality that the area is becoming more and more  ghetto; I also that the police were attempting to hide this fact from unsuspecting dwellers of the community. The lady proceeded to fill us in on the details of what was going on.

Apparently the police were blowing whistles and shooing people away because they didn’t want people staring at a puddle of  blood. Sure enough, as we descended down the stairs, you could see a red puddle on the ground. Apparently there had been a gang stabbing amongst some teens who appeared to range in age from 12-16. After listening to J. Tom Morgan, I knew that if the victim passed away, these teens wouldn’t stand a chance in a Georgia court. They would be tried for murder as an adult. My heart became so heavy that I was weeping before I even made it to my car.

What has happened to our youth? It breaks my heart to know that young people in my community have to join gangs in order to feel they are accepted and belong. I want to do something to help, but what? I have reached out in my own neighborhood, but I know it’s not enough. How does a community stop activity like this after it has started? What does a community do to prevent this behavior before it starts? For now, all I know to do is pray and hope for answers to come. Until then, I will continue reaching out to the younger children in my community in hopes the trend can be stopped before it begins in our next generation.

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  1. The first thing one needs is desire…you’ve got that. Now, have you ever heard that old saying, “Think globally, act locally?” Do what you can, when you can. You can’t save the entire world, but a little piece…that is doable.

  2. ‘Ignorance is next to wickedness’
    Anna Sewell. Black Beauty.
    It only takes arrogance to tip the balance away from the ability to learn.
    (I came to your blog via Connie.)

  3. We need to fire the imaginations of our children so they may learn to think for themselves rather than become the end result of programmes written by others.
    I am sorry that my comment has been interrupted. I have problems with controlling this media!

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