Goodbye 2009…

I am really going to miss you. You started out harsh and tough, but in response, I toughened up, survived you, and have so many good memories to boot! I don’t believe I have ever worked harder, loved more passionately, or made connections to my community the way I did this past year. I will miss you.

Just some highlights of 2009:

I finished my master’s degree!

Chris and I have both had some major changes to our careers, and what mixed blessings those have been!

I learned to laugh and love like never before in the midst of our trials. Boy, we had some amazing trials this year, but I look back at them with tears of joy. God is so good!

Maddie started high school.

Noah survived his first year of middle school, and he has had a successful start to his second year.

Maddie began driving, and I’m still alive:)

We started our neighborhood watch! It took over a year to get enough participants, but by golly we made it!

I learned a lot about myself and my family. We are so much stronger than I had given us credit for.

I take none of my blessings for granted. I have seen so many tough circumstances be miraculously turned around this year. Prayer is such a powerful thing, and God is faithful, even when we’re not.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Glad to get a little summary of what you’ve been up to; it sounds like your family has weathered quite a few storms…and survived them! I know just how busy one can get when getting a Master’s while still working and with all of their other responsibilities still needing to be attended to.

    Good job!

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