Sleepless Nights, Waffles, and Spring Break

This week is my spring break. It is more like a spring “catch up” break, but I’ll take it as it is. On my endless to do list are two very important tasks: sleeping in and staying up late. It’s funny, but doing both makes me feel like a rebel. I remember my husband and I having a discussion about this character trait in me when we were dating. I told him I hated alarm clocks because I felt like they were bossing me around. (And no, I do not have control issues, despite what others may tell you!).

Last night I could not sleep. I was tired and restless, but no matter how hard I tried, sleep wouldn’t come. And then my stomach began to growl. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this feeling. I mentally did a kitchen inventory, looked over at my husband, and he offered a simple solution: a visit to the Waffle House. My conscious wouldn’t let me leave Noah behind, so I went into his room and asked him if he was game. He rolled over and looked at his alarm clock. It was after 12:30. He rubbed his eyes, looked up at me, and asked, “NOW?”


“You’re pulling my chain aren’t you?”


It didn’t take much more convincing, and the three of us were in the car on our way to fresh waffles, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. It was yummy, and it was exactly what I needed. Once home, I climbed into bed and sleep quickly fell upon me.

Ahhh… The joys of spring break. Life should consist of more moments like this.

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  1. Moments like that are the memories we’ll look back on with fondness tomorrow. I think it was a great idea to include the boy. He’ll remember this for years to come.

  2. What he’ll probably remember most is that I wouldn’t let him order sausage on the side because his order had already been turned in. That and he’s notorious for ordering more than he can eat, costing me an arm and a leg. In hindsight, I should have gotten him the sausage:)

    I can hear it ten years from now, “Mom, remember the time you drug me out to the Waffle House in the middle of the night and you wouldn’t let me have any sausage…”

  3. Mmmmm Sausage:) I loved this story! I still have no idea how to do this crap! I was successful at posting my own heading background. I’m not quite sure how to change the font and I am thinking I am going to make my own heading with paper and scan it on. We will see how that works?

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