Noah is 12!

Tomorrow Noah will be 12. It is so hard to believe. The past year has been rough for him (and the rest of us), but he has pulled out of it like a champ. He came home with a report card a few days ago containing all As and Bs!!! Conduct grades were all Es and Ss!! I could not be prouder of how hard he’s working.

Here’s to a wonderful new year. In one year my baby will be a teenager. Sigh.

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  1. Time goes all to quickly, doesn’t it?

  2. As I made that last, brief comment, the words of this song came to mind. I thought I’d share…

    Watercolor Ponies
    Wayne Watson

    There are watercolor ponies
    On my refrigerator door
    And the shape of something
    I don’t really recognize
    Drawn by careful little fingers
    And put proudly on display
    A reminder to us all
    Of how time flies

    Seems an endless mound of laundry
    And a stairway laced with toys
    Gives a blow by blow
    Reminder of the war
    That we fight for their well-being
    For their greater understanding
    To impart a holy reverence
    For the Lord

    But, baby, what will we do
    When it comes back to me an you?
    They look a little less
    Like little boys every day
    Oh, the pleasure of watching
    The children growing
    Is mixed with a bitter cup
    Of knowing the watercolor ponies
    Will one day ride away

    And the vision can get so narrow
    As you view through your tiny world
    And little victories can go by
    With no applause
    But in the greater evaluation
    As they fly from your nest of love
    May they mount up with wings
    As eagles for His cause

  3. Happy birthday, Noah!

  4. Go Noah! It’s ya Birfday!

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