CandE (can-dee) Day!

After reading about Mr. Z Day, my friend Carrie and I decided we needed to have C and E Day. I mean, how can you not copy something that great? We decided to celebrate C and E day during breakfast for two reasons:

  1. We teach different grade levels and it is impossible to synchronize our lunch times.
  2. Apparently we are not the same caliber of teacher as Mr. Z is. We felt like there would be more ambiance without kiddos around!

I gathered up some greenery, dainty tea cups and the least spotted silverware I could find. Carrie got out her hope chest and pulled out some place mats. I awoke at 5:30 to ensure I would have plenty of time to stop by Einstein’s Bagels.  Carrie ran by Starbucks and grabbed a raspberry white chocolate mocha for me and a regular chocolate mocha for herself. Though the finished result is not as polished as what Mr. Z pulled off, I’d say we did pretty good for a couple of first timers…

The pair of heart-shaped cups is a nice touch, don’t you think?

Carrie is toasting the fact that her recent haircut looks so much better than mine!

What a lady I am. Such dainty cutlery skills.

And a huge thank you to the lady that made CandE possible! Thank you Claire for covering Carrie’s morning duty! How did we survive last year without you?

Thank you Mr. Z for inspiring me to slow down and smell the roses! I hope that we’re not the only ones to follow in your footsteps!

And like Mr. Z, we did get a few stares and a lot of questions. Some lingered and celebrated with us. It was good times. Perhaps we’ll have CandE day again real soon.

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  1. That looks like a fun day!

  2. What?! That girl has a stocked hope chest! A prairie muffin after my own heart. I need her digits (be/c I, of course, have to make the first move.)

    -Does she make her own clothes too?!

  3. Meg,
    It was a fun day!

    Prairie Muffin Lover,
    You better make your move fast because she wore a cardigan to church on Sunday! I’m pretty sure she left an impression on a few other prairie muffin lovers!

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