No mo mojo…

I got a not-so-good haircut. I went to my normal hairdresser, who is absolutely amazing! I’m not sure what happened. I should have taken in a photo of my last haircut, cuz it was lookin’ pretty good. But instead of planning ahead, I tried to find duplicates of it in some magazines layin’ around in the lobby. Big mistake! Here is a pic of me right after my last good cut.

Not bad if I say so myself!

I was freaking out yesterday with the new not so good cut, and I had hopes that my distaste with the cut was because of the style. Maybe it was more of a curly cut. So I got home and washed it, and low and behold, it’s not a curly cut either. It’s an ugly cut. And then I proceeded to cry.

I haven’t cried over a haircut since I cut my own bangs when I was about fifteen. I cried for days and days over that mishap. So, I am currently on day 2 of crying over this new cut. My family has given me a few words of encouragement. Noah said it makes me look like a woman in a vintage cigarette ad. This is a vintage cigarette ad. Enough said.

Although, I’m certain Noah meant it looked more like this, I really miss the longer locks framing my face. Chris said I look like a flapper from the 20s. Maddie said if I pin it back it doesn’t look so bad. Carrie said that it is just an average cut, and I’m not used to seeing myself with an average cut because my hair usually looks fabulous when I leave my hairdresser’s. So, between cries, I have been trying to play with it to see if I can figure out how to style it in a way I’m not embarrassed to step out into public.

I guess I needed a reality check. I had no idea I had become so vain about my hair. I mean, I definitely feel good after visiting Mrs. Nancy, and I talk about how good I look, but it’s mostly in jest. I guess even the best of us make mistakes every once in a while. I’ll post pics in a bit. I am still trying to fool with it enough so that it’s bearable to look upon.

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  1. You are such a good writer! Thanks for sharing. I laughed out loud many times – not AT you – but the pictures you posted really helped paint an image of how you must feel. If it’s any consolation, at least you have a pretty face to go with the not-so-great hair…..

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