This has been a week of miracles. Miracles I have personally already witnessed, and miracles I am praying to happen. God is a mysterious being. He created us, knows us so well, yet I don’t think we will ever fully know or understand Him until we are reunited with Him.

I have been away for a while. When I have found time to write, my postings are often tired and make mention of a personal struggle my family has been going through. Things hit a treacherous peak around Thanksgiving, and circumstances in man’s eyes seemed very hopeless. However, when we are a child of God, there is always hope. We just have to have faith. And sometimes our faith seems to run out, and when it does, God has a way of miraculously restoring it in magnificent ways.

This week, God intervened in a way I never would have thought possible. He has provided my family with an answer we never thought possible. I so wish I could go into details, but for privacy reasons I won’t. You will just have to take me at my word. God is good!

I am now asking for another miracle. My best friend Pamela is in dire need of one. Her youngest son was in a car accident Monday night and is now on life support. Her family is very special to me, and they have been through a series of heartaches. She lost a son a little more than two years ago, and she lost both her father and husband less than a year ago. All losses were very tragic and hard to understand. Yet her faith is still holding on. I don’t really understand how. Most of us would have already given up and turned our backs on God, but she continues to believe and have faith in Him. Please pray for God to intervene and I am asking for a miracle. I do want God’s will, but at the same time I do not want to see someone I love so much suffer another loss.

Please say a prayer for this family. Pray that God intervene and allow some good to come out of this horrible situation.

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