This weekend I accomplished some things I haven’t had a chance to get around to. Number 1: Cleaning my bedroom. Last week my husband had begun complaining (which he never does) because the chairs in our bedroom were covered in laundry. Now, there is usually laundry in the chairs in our bedroom, but I think the fact that he could no longer tell there were chairs anymore bothered him. I’m certain he would have put the laundry away himself, except it was things he didn’t know where to put. (That would be because it was MY laundry. Oops!) So, Saturday morning after receiving breakfast in bed, I got up and began the overdue feat of cleaning. By 1:00, you could see the chairs again, the bed was made, everything had been dusted, and clutter had been put away.

Number 2: In addition to getting my room cleaned up, I got schoolwork due this week completed a day early, and I began working on one of next week’s assignments. It felt good getting a head start because I have so many pressing things to look forward to next week. There have been some tough personal challenges within my family in the last week and a half, and we have a lot to deal with in the next coming weeks as a result of these challenges. I knew that for me to remain sane, I had to get a jumpstart on everything while I could.

Number 3: I found my retainer! I woke up Friday night after having a nightmare about my teeth shifting so badly that I could not speak or close my mouth. In my dream I went to the orthodontist to find out that I had to spend about six thousand dollars to straighten my teeth back out all because I wasn’t wearing my retainer enough. So, I frantically began looking for it. Tonight, I finally found it, in my bathrobe. Apparently I had slipped it into the pocket before drinking my morning coffee so that I wouldn’t melt it. So, the good news is I can still talk (that might be argued as being good news by some) and I can close my mouth. And I don’t have to get braces again. Believe, me this is very good news if you knew how much I’ve spent on my daughter’s mouth, and that I’m about to do the same on my son’s.

So, I guess it was a very productive weekend. And in the midst of all the working, I still managed to make it to church for an awesome Thanksgiving service, and I watched a very cute movie with my husband: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It was surprisingly very good. Afterward, I managed to squeeze in a nap:) I had forgotten what a nap feels like. It was absolute bliss!

Here’s to hoping the rest of my week is just as productive and relaxing.

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