Life Altering Moments…

I believe the most difficult job in life is being a parent. It’s funny, because years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my oldest, I was so scared. I didn’t plan on getting pregnant, and I was so young. 18 years old! I remember thinking to myself: Oh my goodness! What in the world will I ever do with a baby? How will I care for her?

Lucky for me, there was nothing more natural than caring for a baby. I did nine months of research by reading every baby book and magazine, and everything fell right into place. I found total bliss in being a mother. Everything came naturally: breastfeeding, diapering, nurturing, coping with teething, (you get the picture). I’m not saying there weren’t freak out moments, but for the most part it was just easy.

The elementary years came and gone. They were pretty good for the most part. And they were pretty easy as well.

And then the middle school years came. They’re still here for both. One is brand new at this stage in life, the other is in her final stage. Nothing prepared me for these years.

The tween years were tough for my daughter, but now she’s moved on into her teens. In less than a year she’ll be in high school. It seems that overnight she blossomed into the most amazing young lady. She glows, and makes everyone around her happy. She has become our family’s cheerleader, and not just on the field. When things get increasingly more difficult, she becomes more encouraging and hopeful. What a blessing from God she is in the current struggles my family is facing on a daily basis.

My son has recently entered his tween years. I thought they were tough on Maddie, but they have taken an especially difficult toll on Noah. Anytime I sit and think about how hard this life phase is for him, I just begin to weep. It is so painful as a mother to sit by and watch such a special young man struggle to find his way. I wish I could fix everything for him, and let him know for certainty that this too shall pass. Kids are growing up in a tough world today, and it is filled with people, especially adults who don’t get the daily struggles they face. I know he feels he’s drowning right now. He is being pulled in so many directions and he has no idea which direction to take. If only I had a life map to give him. But even if I did, he’d probably be too darn stubborn to read it. Stubbornness is a big character trait of a tween.

I was able to stay home when the children were little. Now that they are older and in school, I work. The irony is this: now that they’ve gotten older, I feel that these years are the most critical. I feel my kids need me now more than ever, and it breaks my heart because I feel I have less time than ever to give them. So I am being pulled in a lot of directions.

As a result, I’ve been trying to slow down a bit. Now granted, me going slow is a lot of people’s overdrive mode. But I have slowed down. I’m learning to delegate. (Gosh, that is hard to do!) I am considered hiring someone to clean my house on at least a biweekly basis. I just want more time with my babies. They are growing up so fast, and I can’t make them stop!

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  1. Elise, you should really take the time with them…before you know it, these years will be gone. What is a better thing to have? A clean house today (which you will not remember in ten years) or the memories you have of your kids?

    Do what you have to. Just know that there are several ‘friends’ of yours out here who are rooting for you.

    You are going to make it!

  2. Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon…

  3. This is so touching. It’s true, the older kids get the more they need. It’s just ‘obvious’ when they’re little. One of the reasons I’ve held back from having children is I’m afraid of not having enough time for them. It would make me crazy.

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