Middle School Madness

This year both my children are in middle school. This has been quite an adjustment for them, me, Chris all of us. Last year was Maddie’s difficult year. Seventh grade was the pits! My gifted, straight A little girl struggled to stay above water with Cs. I am certain her struggle to succeed last year was the result of a lot of changes: mom got remarried, relocated to a new town, new school with a population that more than doubled, new friends, dad got remarried. Yeah, I’d say she had a lot going on.

The good news: so far so good this year.

At least for Maddie.

Noah, on the other hand: not so good. Now, he’s not complaining. He couldn’t be happier! He no longer has me around. Before, he couldn’t get away with anything. Once, when he was in second grade, I walked down to the lower grade hall for something. There, behind a ficus tree was my son, hiding. It was P.E. day, which he hated. So he slipped out of line to “hide” until his class came back by nearly an hour later. You can imagine the surprise on his face when I spotted him. He thought he was camouflaged.
Startled he cried out, “What are you doing down here? Shouldn’t you be in class teaching?”
“Shouldn’t you be in P.E.?” I replied.

This is only one of many stories I could tell of our years spent together in elementary school.

But now, I am nowhere around. Because of the number of students they have, middle school teachers are not able to communicate as often as elementary school teachers. With all this new found freedom and lack of communication, my child is academically sinking. When progress reports were emailed, I nearly passed out. Not a single passing grade! What’s worse, he didn’t have a clue his grades were in trouble. Noah is capable of making straight As. He is a very intelligent young man. He’s just not turning any assignments in.

To top it off, when I asked about silent lunch, and if he’s had it yet, he could not recall how often he’s had it. (His school has silent transitions in the hallway. When a student is caught talking, he is automatically given silent lunch.) He’s only been there 19 days! Hello!! If you don’t know how many times you’ve gotten it, it’s a little too often!!

Needless to say, I requested a conference with all his academic teachers. I am hoping things get better for all of us. He does have some great teachers, and I feel they’re willing to work with us. This is good news, because this has affected our entire family in so many ways: work habits, routines, parenting methods, etc. I really need your prayers as we continue to make the transition from little school to big middle school…

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  1. I feel for you. It must be hard with all of the changes for all of you…however, mostly frustrating for you because you feel your scope of influence now slowly dwindling.

    A friend of mine said this: “I don’t know about this whole teenager thing. I get less sleep now then when they were 2 months old, I can’t make them lay down and take a nap with me any more after they have been up all night. All the worrying……. I have never thought I might need something for anxiety until now. I miss my boys, I feel like I never see them anymore…”

    Whatever you have, it seems to be going around…

  2. I’m glad to hear things are going better for Madison, and I know you all can work with Noah to get him back on track. Good luck!

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