A Surge in Popularity…

This week I have had an astronomical spike in the number of times my blog is visited. In fact, my blog-o-meter is going nuts! Even Meg commented me after she discovered someone was googling me. Yesterday, I had an all-time record of 119 hits!

I know it probably shocks you that I consider 119 such a large number of hits for a blog like mine to get. Especially after the PG-13 photos I posted last week. But alas, 30 is more the average range. So why the sudden surge of popularity?

Being the Scaredy Squirrel I am, I instantly think it is every parent of every student I’ve ever worked with. I dismissed this notion when my most conservative friend assured me there was nothing risque about my pics.

Could it just be curious people in the neighborhood googling my name to see what they can find out about me? Launching the neighborhood watch program has caused me to come into contact with a lot of new people. Perhaps it’s the gangsters targeting me?

I solved the mystery this afternoon when I discovered a comment awaiting moderation from some man with broken English telling me he was in need of money and would I please give him some. Apparently he stumbled upon this posting after googling the word money. Upon further investigation, I noticed that every day people were being led to my site after searching for the word money. Apparently the image I used was the main culprit, so today I changed it to something less alluring, a fat pink piggy bank with only a coin!

Now maybe I’ll get out of the public eye a bit, especially after being elected a finalist for Teacher of the Year. Now that’s something worth blogging about, except I’m too embarrassed and afraid I’ll jinx myself before the final votes are cast early next week. Wish me luck though. I’d love to win, but I’m up against some tough competition!

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  1. How exciting! I hope you win! Congrats!!111!

    I get a lot of visitors at my blog, too. Other than the random googling I wonder where they all come from.

  2. Well I didn’t stumble in through a search engine. It was through a comment you left on someones page.. but I thought I would leave a comment to let you know I was here..

  3. “I dismissed this notion when my most conservative friend assured me there was nothing risque about my pics.”
    I’m just wondering if you may be talking about the bathtub pics? They are quite revealing to a trained professional. If you enhance the PPD Level of the micro lens feature of photoshop to a light ray magnification of .0076 mm … by selecting the right combination of bubbles you can actually see your underwater reflection. When zoomed in at 454.7234 gmm … the beauty mark on your right thigh has been revealed.

    hahahahaha … just kidding … I made all that up.

  4. Rock on, Joe! You had me laughing at that one.

    Elise…I hope you get it. Also, what do you think the ‘competition’ is saying about you? Probably something to the effect of, “Holy cow…I’m up against her!?”

    Good luck!

  5. 1. I was voting for it to be gangstas. (jk)
    2. Too embarassed?? Playa please! I’ve seen what you do when you pass a mirror.

  6. Carrie, please lady, I don’t know what you’re talking about!
    Mr. Z, thanks for the sweet comment. I am up against a woman whose volunteer activities include things like feed the hungry ministries, women’s shelter ministries, and healing and bereavement counseling. Mine is just keeping gangstas out of the neighborhood, mentoring, and serving as president of my kids’ P.T.A. several years ago.
    But hey, what an honor to be included in that category. And she told me she thought I should win:) What a jewel!!
    Joe, are you sure you’re just kidding. I so have a beauty mark on my right thigh!
    Meg, thanks for the well wishes!

    Gosh, I love my readers!!!

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