Maddie’s first day of school and strange pick up lines…

Since I wrote a snippet about Noah’s first couple days of school, I thought I’d write a snippet about Maddie’s. She decided to join yearbook, which is perfect considering how often she’s running around snapping photos of everyone. Needless to say, I have a million and one photos of her from that day, so I thought I would post one that sums it up:

She came home from the first day super-excited. She’s a senior on the big middle school campus! She had funny tales of all sorts, but the one that keeps jumping out the most is about a boy she met on the first day who has ended up in several of her classes. He introduced himself in this manner:

Boy:So, is this your second year in eighth grade too?
Maddie: Uh…. NO!

Apparently, she has not sent a strong enough hint that she’s not interested. She keeps complaining of him “harassing” her. Their last names begin with the same letter, so they keep getting assigned seats next to one other. I can’t help but chuckle.

She was trying to come up with turn down lines to use because she is certain he’s about to ask her out. Chris suggested she come up with a list of turn down lines followed by curses and type them up on slips of paper to hand out as unwanted requests arise. They can say things like, “I am not interested in dating you. May you embarrassingly toot out loud in first period for asking.”

I’m just hoping this boy will be at least a temporary deterrent for any other interested male parties. I’m not very cool with the boyfriend idea…

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  1. Isnt she just a doll?! My little sister usually used the tried and true, “No, I dont want to date you. I find you hideous.” Seemed to work. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth,
    I’ll have to pass this turn down phrase along. Bless her heart, she has a sprained ankle now due to an accident in gym class. Her teacher informed me that he’d get someone to carry her book bag. Any volunteers? hee hee…

  3. I think I may have met Elizabeth’s seester way back when.

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