Just a clarification on my last post…

Not that anyone has stated otherwise, but I just wanted to make sure nothing, other than me being sarcastic, was read into my last post.
Fact: I would not pop Noah in his mouth (at least not in public);
Fact: I would care if I went to jail.
Fact: I would wash his mouth out with soap. (It’s not like he’s allergic to it or anything.)

Unfortunately, I have to use shocking language like that to get his attention. That’s just the kind of kid he is. I assure you he knows my real stance, and he doesn’t perceive it as verbal or mental abuse. He knows how special he is. It’s just our (mine and his) personal way of communicating so that he knows he’s stepped out of line. There’s a lot of tough love going on:)

May not have been a need to even clarify. Anyone who knows me picks up on my sarcasm. But out here on the internets, you just never know how people read things…

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  1. Oh my, middle schoolers! YUCK! Good luck with that one!

  2. I’m giggling right now. I’m sure no one thought you were abusive…. I’ve heard MUCH worse from my own mother. 🙂

    And yes… bars of soap would be my weapon of choice. Of course, they’d probably be learning the bad words from me… so…

  3. Having read both posts I can only say that I think you actually were easy on the lad. And is the teacher getting some sort of kick back from the company?

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