Many dollars later…

Me Before:

Me After:

And yes, I was scolded once again for not wearing earrings. 🙂 (Please pardon the horrible photograph. Noah was the photographer, and he wasn’t enjoying our modeling session.)

Noah Before:

Noah After:

(Notice the not so long hair. Nancy decided he needed it shorter because of how is face is changing. Did he protest? Absolutely not. If Nancy says it, then by golly it’s gospel. Noah kept telling me all day that he thinks the shorter hair makes him look taller. Go figure!)

Of course we both walked out feeling like a million bucks. That makes it worth every penny. We love Mrs. Nancy! She really is awesome!

By the way, Nancy is always fussing at me because I always let my hair go curly and wild. It has only been straightened twice in the last X number of years. She tells me I should at least straighten it when I go out clubbing. (I didn’t know they let people my age into clubs!) She says straight hair makes me look young, no older than 25. I don’t know how old my curly mane is supposed to make me look. So, I’d like to know what you think? Straight or curly hair for me? I think Chris is leaning toward the 2.0 version, but only because he thinks she’s nicer.

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  1. Noah looks nice with the new style. It’s classy, yet not sloppy. It does make him look a little bit older, too.

    I’d comment on your picture, but the ‘now’ version has yet to come up.

  2. I kind of love the curly hair! I’ve always been jealous of people with curly hair. My hair doesn’t get curly or straight. I have to straighten it or I have to curl it. Its a wavy mess.

    So I like it straight on you but I also LOVE the curls!

  3. You both look great! A good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold. Noah looks pretty sharp for such a young man.

  4. Kudos, Nancy Nee! She did a fabulous job on you both. Now, for the straight vs. curly argument – UGH! I have naturally curly hair, and 9 times outta 10, I just blow it dry but keep it curly. However, I prefer it straight. I’m just too lazy. Curly definitely has its place, though.

  5. Personally, I go back and forth. I’ve got naturally curly (ahem… ok… more like frizzy) hair. I like change though.

    I think your hair is adorable either way! 🙂

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