Nancy Nee Day

My son Noah loves his hair long. He is an interesting kid. He began growing his hair out about the time he became a vegetarian. I figured that both were a phase, but we’re coming up on the two year mark and he’s yet to outgrow either. Not only does he like his hair long, but he will only let one of the most expensive hairdressers in town cut his hair. This happened by chance, of course.

Noah really needed a haircut right before our wedding. His hair had gotten too long, and we had to find a hairdresser fast. Chris managed to make an appointment with a woman that came highly recommended on a whim. Noah was looking through the books to find an acceptable style while waiting, and of course came across Sawyer from LOST. He forgot to mark the page, so when Mrs. Nancy came out and asked him what he wanted, he couldn’t show her. We told her he wanted to look like Sawyer, and of course, she knew exactly what to do with him. She looks at Noah, and in her Asian accent begins working her charm.

Oh, you want to look like Sawyer? I can make your hair look like Sawyer. How old are you? You teenager?

You must understand. Noah has never been mistaken as a teenager. He is much too small. Normally people assume that he is a couple of years younger, not older. He instantly perked up! He stands up four inches taller, throws his shoulders back, and all skepticism leaves his face. The next thing I know, Noah and Nancy have disappeared into “the room” and 30 minutes later we were at least $60 poorer from a $50 bill plus tip. (We were so excited that we had found someone to convince Noah to groom himself that we purchased anything she suggested.) And as an added bonus, we had a new hairdresser for life.

Since then, everyone except my husband, has fallen for Nancy’s charm. The last time she cut my hair she talked me into letting her straighten it. As if that weren’t enough, she later talks me into letting her take my picture for her website, fussing at me the whole time for not wearing earrings or any other bling for that matter. So today, I’m sure I’ll disappoint Mrs. Nancy again, going in all plain and boring, and she’ll fuss at me for it, but she’ll fluff me up and send me out into the world feeling like a million bucks. I’ll try to take some before and after pics, bit until then, you can find pictures of Madison, Noah and me on her website from our last trip. (Good luck picking us out of the mix!) And, yeah, I’d say we’re a whole family of suckers!

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  1. I found you really easy! I like the shaggy look your son is into. It fits him really well.

  2. Once you find a good stylist, you gotta just stick with her. Hair is not something to play around with 🙂

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