Sonny Money!

Our governor, Mr. Sonny Perdue gives teachers a $100 Visa Card to spend in their classrooms. He began this tradition about three years ago. (And I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, that teachers LOVE Governor Perdue even if he’s a republican.) We affectionately refer to it as “Sonny Money”. Though $100 isn’t much these days, you would be surprised how far an educator can stretch $100. The only catch is it must be used during our tax-free weekend, which I am pretty sure he started as well.

I can never decide how to spend this free money. My first year I was so overwhelmed with options and the insane crowds, that I ended up forfeiting most if it because it expired at midnight on Sunday. I have not repeated that mistake, but my list of items always exceeds $100, so I end up spending some of my own cash (which I hate doing!). This year I’m shopping online (I think). Partly because of time, partly to avoid the large shopping crowds (think better than after-Thanksgiving sales) that gather on the tax-free weekend, but mostly to avoid walking into teacher stores and “needing” everything I see. I can better manage what I look at and my total amount spent from home.

I’ve got a book list picked out on (TeachinFourth, thanks for the recommendations!) and a couple dozen canvas bookbags selected at Oriental Trading. Now I just have to sit down and read the rules as to how this money can be spent. Money, Money, Money!!

(I should note that even though teachers as a general lean democratic, I am a bit more republican at heart. The comment above was a blanket statement concerning teachers and politics, not a personal one.)

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  1. Wow… teachers in our state was LOVE that.

  2. We, too, get $100 from our district to spend on our rooms. I NEVER spend my own money on my room. If they won’t provide it, then I don’t need it. And, I’m also a republican. WEIRD! We have a lot in common.

  3. I used to do class composite photos for our entire school. I’d take the money from them and I was able to use it in my classroom for several years. Of course, it took countless hours of time, but it was a good fundraiser. I have spent very little of my own money on school for the past 8 years.

    Hope you love those books as much as I do, E!

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