My Summer Vacation: Still Continued

I am on my fourth day of having a “real” vacation. I’m really starting to miss my kids, so it’s a good thing I have so much to keep me busy.

Contractor #2 came out yesterday. His quote isn’t a whole lot different from #1, but they have very different approaches. So this morning at 9 a.m. I get to meet #3. Please do not gasp to much when I say this, but #3 is a woman! I am embarrassed to admit that I have my doubts about this one. I cannot believe I am having such sexist thoughts! I have been a single mom, and I know firsthand the pleasure of completing “man jobs” and the satisfaction and empowerment that comes along with these tasks. There is no reason a woman cannot remodel a bathroom, is there??

I have my doubts. Unless she is an Amazon woman who spends three hours a day lifting weights at the gym, this is a job that will require some man power. I don’t know if she is just the person who gives the estimates, or if she will be physically performing the work. (And I personally can’t stand it when someone gives an estimate who has never actually done the work. It makes me question the validity.) Who knows? She could have a whole team of women that does the work right along beside her. Now that would be awesome!

And I must admit, my curiosity is peaked! What will this woman look like?? Where’s my digital camera when I need it? Besides, I don’t know if I have the guts to ask the lady if I can take her photo. That could be downright degrading. Unless of course, she looks like this, (photo retrieved from google images) because then she probably gets it all the time! And trust me, if she looks like this, she is going to have to be really nice and good at what she does (and I do mean bathtub replacing!) for me to hire her. I’m not crazy about looking at someone so pretty all day performing “man’s work”! I know! I know! Just go ahead and slap me!

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  1. You will have to update and let me know what she looked like. I’m wicked curious now.

  2. Ok, I’m dying to know too! Take a picture of her. This is too funny.

  3. How old are your kiddos? You look wicked young.

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