My Summer Vacation (Continued…)

My time off is going well. Instead of reading Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson, I need to be reading Handyman in Your Pocket, because I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around at my house.

One contractor came out yesterday evening, and another is coming out this morning. It’s probably best the second contractor is coming while Chris is at work. I play hard ball much better than him. Anytime a nice handyman or contractor comes around, Chris is just swept away with their knowledge of craftsmanship. I think it’s because he is able to connect. My husband is very handy and could do the work himself. It’s just that he just doesn’t have the time. (I must say this in case he’s reading my blog! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s reading over my shoulder! Get him away from me. I must continue! )

When people like the bathroom man come over, Chris lights up like a Christmas tree. He starts talking fast, excitedly waves his arms and hands around, and wants to know if they can do other things on our “list”. It’s cute at first, but it finally gets to the point that I must politely ask my husband to stop talking. His excitement and eagerness make it impossible for me to deal.

Don’t think this is necessarily a fault in my husband’s personality. In fact, it may be a strength. He trusts people. He has no reason to believe these people are out to rob him until they have.  I’m just the opposite. I don’t trust anyone in the service field. Not contractors, mechanics, insurance salesmen, etc., unless I personally know them, and even then I handle them cautiously. I look them up and down, dissect every word they say looking for discrepancies, and already know what things should cost beforehand because I’ve done my research. I am certain I can be a bit annoying and possibly intimidating at times.

Once we realized the guy was a general contractor and could do anything we needed, we were like two kids who had won a million dollar spending spree in a toy store. By the time the bathroom man left, his estimate included a long list of miscellaneous projects: the cost of replacing our tub and tile if needed, how much it would cost to lay laminate flooring downstairs, how much it would cost to lay tile in the kitchen, how much it would cost to install a hot/cold water faucet in the garage, and how much it would cost to replace an outside water faucet in the backyard. I was even lured in and wanted to know how much it would cost to replace the counter tops in my kitchen. The problem is, we haven’t won the lottery or shopping spree of any kind.

So tonight over our pinto beans and cornbread, I proceeded to tell my husband that I had already spoken to a plumber about doing the faucet work, and that we might need to let him do that work. He is after all, a close family friend. My husband lit up again and proceeded to explain to me how the bathroom guy had to drain the pipes and we could save a lot of money getting it all done at once, blah, blah, blah. Either I was blinded from the stars shining so brightly in my eyes or deafened by the angels singing such loud hallelujahs, or this is what was discussed when the men briefly went into the basement ALONE because I do not recall this detail.

I am certain that we will disappoint the man tomorrow when I have call him up and tell him we can only afford a fraction of the work on the list. But for some reason I have a feeling he already knows this. I am certain we’re not the first Chris and Elise he’s ever dealt with!

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  1. Aww. Your hubby is adorable.

  2. Whew! This sounds like a lot of work. My husband is the same way… he’s just so eternally nice and thinks the best of everyone.

    Good for you… play hardball. 🙂

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