My Summer Vacation…

My summer vacation with no kids and no hubby has been extended! All the way through Wednesday!! WOOT! WOOT!

I am going to spend it calling up contractors because I need a new bathtub! The garden tub in the master bath began leaking almost a year ago, but it took us a while to figure this out until the kitchen ceiling began leaking every time someone was in the tub. We narrowed it down to the drain after cutting a huge hole in the kitchen ceiling. We patched the ceiling, and tried to repair the tub. It seemed to work, until the leaking started again. After pricing the cost of garden tubs, and trying to figure out how in the world one would fit up our stairs, we decided that this was a repair that would have to be put off for an indefinite amount of time. After all, our stand up shower worked just fine, and if we got desperate for taking a bath, we could always go down the hall.

This was very difficult for me in the beginning. I am a bath woman. I love a hot, steamy bath, and our shower is really small. My husband loves showers, so this wasn’t much of an adjustment for him. However, when we went and stayed at a bed and breakfast for our anniversary and he was able to soak and read every night in their huge claw foot tub, the bathtub repair skyrocketed to the top of our to-do list.

I worked all summer for a reason. We have a lot of things needing to be done that cost a lot of money. It really excited me to be given the opportunity to contribute something extra to our home. So I called the plumber to ask him when he could come take my tub out and replace it. He asked me if I had a tile man and sheet rock man lined up. What?! (Other expressions pop into my head, but I’m trying to keep this site rated at least PG-13.) The thought never crossed my mind that the tile will have to busted out and repaired, even replaced if it can’t be matched. Even worse, depending on how long the tub had problems (which may be a while considering the previous owners band-aided everything before selling and failed to mention this annoying fact), the subflooring and studs may need repairing or replaced. This isn’t what we were bargaining for.

So, today, on my vacation, I get to begin the long dreaded chore of calling contractors and getting estimates. I am very picky, and I cannot stand price gauging, which is what tends to happen in the Atlanta area. My husband thinks I’m paranoid concerning this matter, but I came from a family of contractors, and I know pretty much what the work should cost, and when you get in the metro areas prices naturally go up. This is tough for me to take because I still want to pay a small town price and get a job well-done. (I know, I know, I need to snap into reality!) I’m going to do my best though to find a reputable and affordable person who can get the job done right. I wish I could afford to just redo my bath altogether. A bigger shower would be nice, I would love a clawfoot tub, pedestal side by side sinks with built in shelving and beaded board walls. That would be heavenly! But, I can only replace the tub with a teacher’s salary:)

But a girl can dream, can’t she? Here are some links to some nice bathrooms. None are exactly what I’m imagining, but they all have an element of what’s in my head.

I love the black and white tiled floor in this one.

I love the vintage look of this one: the claw foot tub, pedestal sink, tile floor, and I love the red door that opens up onto a porch. Now that’s the life!

This article shows a bathroom very similar to mine. Mine looks a lot like the before photo but the walls are a pale shade of blue. (I would post a picture of it but my daughter has my camera in Florida at the beach. Lucky girl!) My husband likes this after photo a lot.

And he likes this bathroom as well. This is probably the closest layout I can find to my own bath. I like this bathroom, but it’s a little plain. I think it’s the “beach” theme that turns me off. I cannot stand seashells and starfish in a bathroom. I don’t know why, I just don’t.

In the end, we’ll just get a new tub, but like I said, a girl can dream can’t she???

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  1. Well, you know I sympathize with any bathroom related endeavors these days! 🙂 We dont have Mario Cart, but we borrowed it from a neighbor and it’s now on “Matt’s List To Buy.” I was just thrilled to get the original Mario Brothers Game. 🙂

  2. Being denied a soak in the tub is one of the cruelest punishments that can be inflicted on me. Good luck with the project.

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