It’s my first and only “real” day off this summer. No work. No kids. No assignments due. Hubby’s at work. What is a girl to do with all this free time? I’d like to say I’ve got something extravagant planned but I don’t. Instead, I’m going to play catch up and try to get some fun in. Here’s my schedule:
8:00 Eat Breakfast (This will consist of coffee and organic oatmeal because I’m too hungry, grumpy, and lazy to drive to Kroger this early in the morning and get something more yummy.)
9:00 Watch Regis and Kelly until I get bored. I plan on working on some insurance claims I’ve been putting off filing while doing this. Darn direct reimbursement policies.
10:00 Call dentist office and complain about their services being too expensive and ask for a referral to a more reasonably cost dentist. Then get dressed.
While waiting on lunchtime: Work on an assignment due Sunday. I’m hoping I can find time to get most done today because I want to enjoy my weekend again.
Lunchtime: Meet my friend Crystal and her sweet baby Connor for lunch.
Whenever lunch is done: Come home and work on assignment again.
4:00: Get things ready for making dinner. This will probably involve a much dreaded trip to Kroger. (I hate going to the grocery store if you haven’t figured this out yet.)

Any ideas on what I should cook my hubby for dinner so that we can celebrate my one day off?? Until then, I’m just going to keep pretending I’m back in Mexico… (Maybe dinner should consist of something that goes well with margaritas or mojitos for old times sake?)

Have a great weekend!!!!

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  1. Hmmm… I’m thinking Mexican food for dinner. That way you wont have to break out of your fantasy vacation until dishes. 🙂

  2. Hi Elise!
    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment. I have enjoyed reading through some of your posts, and the story of how you met your hubby was sweet…eharmony has definitely hit a bulls-eye for you both!!

    I’ll definitely be back!

  3. Just randomly came by. I read the post on how you met your hubby and thats really sweet. I had a friend who said he tried to do eharmony and they said he couldn’t match with anyone. Kinda sad.

  4. I love the song Better Together. I’m not married yet. We had a little accident with my son but he is my favorite accident ❤ Anyway, when we do get married I want that to be our first dance song.

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