Do opposites really attract?

This is the age old question. Are we as human beings attracted to others with opposite personalities from our own? My husband and I met on eharmony. Chris was one of my first matches. I was probably his 1,000,000th match. Yep, I was that one in a million for him.

Eharmony is known for matching you with someone who is compatible to you. I do believe in their services. I must say that I met or communicated with some very interesting, decent men. That is hard for a woman my age to do now a days. All of my matches that I communicated with were intelligent, Christian men. Chris’s matches tended to be very smart women with Ivy league degrees and high power jobs. I was probably the dumbest one in the lot, and the most pink. (Pink is a light shade of red. People who are pink aren’t quite rednecks but a distant relative.) Though no one but each other met our criteria of what we were looking for in a mate, several of our matches would have been “good catches”.

The reason I bring this up is I have a friend who met her boyfriend on eharmony. Although they seem perfect for each other, their personalities seem to be night and day in a lot of ways. But yet it works for them. I had one or two matches with opposite personalities from mine, and though they were nice, I found them to be a bit…boring. I needed a mate whose spunk and sense of humor at least matched mine. Chris had all that and so much more.

I would say Chris is definitely not my opposite in personality. We are both outgoing, loving people. We both love to serve others, and have a passion for reaching out into our community. We both are witty and intelligent people, although I am no way as smart as him in the content areas (I think he’s a genius), but he’s not always as smart as me in the common sense areas. Together though, we’re a perfect balance. Chris is much more practical and functional than I am, and this keeps me leveled. I tend to “space out” and overwhelm myself with the thoughts that fly through my head a million miles an hour. Chris helps me sort through those thoughts and focus on what’s important. He’s a problem solver. Quick to point out and focus on the facts. I am more emotional. Though his practical side is a strength, it can also be a weakness. At times my hubby needs help sympathizing and showing patience with others’ shortcomings. That’s where I come in.

Even though we’re too alike in too many ways to be complete opposites, it’s nice that in the important areas that I lack in, Chris is my opposite and those are his strengths. Likewise his weaknesses are my strengths. I guess we are both that piece of iron his profile mentioned him looking for. Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17. Thank you God for sending me my very own “Iron Man“.

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  1. I put a lot of credence behind the opposites attract thing. My hubby and I are very much opposites. I’m an introvert and he’s an extrovert. I am book smart; he has street smarts (which I have to say are far more useful). He is very athletic and sporty where I tend to be a bookworm and a homebody. I think the key is that we are never bored. We are always bringing one another new ideas and things to do. He sees the world in such a different way and I am always fascinated by his point of view. I think we are alike in our morals and ethics, the things that really count, but the rest is a hodge podge.

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