The Queen of a Lot of Things

This weekend my best friend Pamela came to stay at the “Sheppard Inn” as she likes to call it. We love to spoil her and her daughter when they come to visit by providing them both with simple but meaningful comforts. When she called Friday to tell me they wanted to come stay the weekend, I made sure she understood that the “Sheppard Inn” wasn’t in the same pristine condition since her last visit.

“What?!” she replied. “No warm towels that are freshly washed and folded into origami animals? No coffee or breakfast in bed? I’d hate to write a letter of complaint!”

My best friend is the queen of writing letters. She writes letters to everyone. The school board when they don’t serve her students’ needs. Wendy’s restaurant when they mess her order up. The governor of Georgia when she disagrees with his policies. Other teachers to thank them and to remind them why they teach. She even wrote Chris a letter stating that she will write a letter for him to anyone, anytime. He’s yet to take her up on this offer. He’s saving it for when he thinks I need to be told off.

She is also the queen of hugs. She is one of those people who is loving, but not always physically affectionate. In hard times she has held me like a baby while I bawled my eyes out. This is just one of the reasons why she is the queen of knowing how to be a real friend.

She is also the queen of pushing on when life gets difficult. In less than two years, she has tragically lost a son, her father, and her husband. This is more than most of us face in a lifetime, but she is still smiling and embracing life for all the beauty it has to offer.

She is the queen of tie-dye. If something comes in a tie-dyed pattern she owns it. She has tie-dyed pajamas, tie-dyed tee shirts, tie-dyed dresses, tie-dyed house keys… You get the point.

She is the queen of being a good mother. She is the mother of four children, and they have kept her busy over the years. Somehow she manages to make each one feel special and loved. She is who I go to for all my parenting advice.

This woman is one of the best people on earth. She is the queen of many things ( I could work on this list all day), but this weekend I found something she is NOT the queen of: Guitar Hero. She couldn’t hit a single note even on the slowest of speeds. She claims it was because of the paparazzi (that would be me). Apparently the frequent flashes from the camera crippled her performance. But even if she is the worst Guitar Hero player ever, she is definitely one of the cutest. Just look for yourself! (I did mention she liked tie-dye, didn’t I?)

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  1. What a fabulous lady! And hey, on the grand scale of things… letter writing is way more important than guitar hero. 🙂

  2. Wha!? That’s just silly talk Mrs. Elizabeth!

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