Too Tired for Blogging Much Tonight

My bicycle came in! When I got back from picking it up, there was a man’s bicycle in my garage. I was excited because I was secretly a tad disappointed that I was going to have to ride my new bike alone. Chris thought ahead and purchased a bike for himself without telling me. (This is him being romantic, in case you’re wondering.)

We spent our evening riding around the neighborhood. It was wonderful! But now I’m tired. I had forgotten how much a bike ride can take out of you. I’m glad though, because we had a scrumptious dinner at a quaint restaurant in Dacula, GA that specialized in Southern food, and I needed to burn a few calories.

Have a great weekend! I’m certain I will spend a lot of mine cruising around. Ding! Ding! (My bike came with a bell, that’s why I’m dinging…)

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  1. For one minute I thought I read Dracula, GA. How fun would that be? 🙂

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