This is my daughter with her Uncle Jeff and Aunt Cindy. They are wonderful people and my daughter adores them.

We all have heroes. Sometimes, if we are really lucky, we are someone else’s hero. Today I came across a survey where Madison had listed her Aunt Cindy as her hero: “fo sho.” As much as I adore her aunt, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. So, I’m going to comfort myself by posting something I’d written almost two years ago:

September 17, 2006
motherhood and private compliments…
Current mood: grateful

I was straightening some things up the other day, and I came across a paper my daughter filled out for school. It was a survey of sorts, and one of the sections asked for three people who she admired most and why. I was number one. The reason: My mom because she is everything I want to be. I felt so unworthy of such a comment.

As children grow up and change, so much happens. Friends begin replacing the role parents have at around age 10 or 11. I had experienced that with my daughter a lot this past year. But something changed several months ago, and we began getting closer again. It is such a wonderful feeling to hear your child tell you how beautiful you are, how much they love you, and how much you mean to them for no reason at all.

As they get older, normally comments like this only come when they want or “need” something. So when you find out what they are saying about you behind your back, those are the rarest and best of moments. And in these moments you realize that your child is still sweet and loving, and everything is going to be alright.

Despite how worthy her Aunt Cindy is, I can only hope that one day I am able to regain that title. Isn’t that every mother’s dream? To be her daughter’s hero?

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog and your timing with this post is perfect. My two oldest are teen girls, it is like running in place sometimes as I feel like all the choices I make as a mother are because I have endless amounts of love for them but are often the source of negative energy between us. It is definitely my dream to be their hero. It is hard not to think of them ten years ago when they were happy to be my shadow. It is comforting for me to read your post, I hope my comment was able to comfort you. “Fo sho”

  2. Hey Mommy,
    Well, Let Me Explain.. Of course you’re still my #1 hero! It’s just that me and Joshua just broke up. So she helped me out a lot, i knew she would probably read that survey so i thought i’d just acknowledge her help by letting her know that she is one of my heroes. Cheer up Sunshine, don’t be bummed. (:

  3. Dear Elise, I know exactly how you feel. My daughter is very close to your daughter’s age. I have tried to hide my insecurities from her hoping she will not “catch” them. Recently she has been such an ecouragement to me. I am trying to lose weight, but daily she tells me that I am perfect because I am so soft to hug! I have two older teen boys…i love them too, of course. But, a daughter is a life long friend. She isn’t perfect, but close enough for me! …by the way, i just “stumbled” onto your blog, so i look forward to keeping up with the updates 🙂 and…for any other readers…I know this family and they are awesome!!!

  4. Dont be blue. You will always be her hero, especially when she becomes an adult. She’s a beautiful girl!

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