NPR: My lifesaver!

Lately, NPR has been my lifesaver in so many ways. It is what blasts out of the alarm clock every morning at 6:00 so that I know it’s time to get up and get ready for work. It is what I listen to while laying in bed contemplating on getting up and going to work. It is what I listen to while getting ready for work. If it weren’t for NPR, I would be clueless as to what is going on in the world.

I also discovered that NPR keeps Chris and Noah quiet in the car. Noah is notorious for asking questions in the car, and Chris is notorious for answering and elaborating on Noah’s questions. This can become a bit overwhelming for Maddie and me. They discuss everything: politics, religion, war, computers, etc. Most of their discussions are debates, but they sound like arguments to Maddie and me. We like it quiet and peaceful in the car. Maddie escapes by way of her ipod. I don’t have that luxury. I must have quiet if I am to to hone in and point out any mistakes the driver may be making. I cannot afford distractions.

I discovered that NPR fascinates Noah (and Chris). If you turn it on in the car, neither one wants to talk. They’re too busy listening and soaking it all in like the sponges they are. During the occasional commercial, the two may discuss something mentioned that they both found interesting, but as soon as the program resumes, …. silence! It’s heaven.

But NPR doesn’t stop there. Apparently, they know that I’m not the only mom who is doubling as a taxi service. In fact, they sell survival kits for other moms just like me! Yeah, NPR rocks.

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