HTML for Dummies

I think it’s time I consider buying this book. As I become more computer savvy, I want to do more with my blog than wordpress will allow to without knowing how to write html. Fortunately, I married a computer science major who understands html better than English. Unfortunately, I’m stubborn and don’t like asking him for help with things on the computer. I don’t know why. I think it has something to do with a simple question turning into a thirty minute long lecture, I mean lesson. If I would just patiently sit through his explanations without yawning every half second, I would probably learn something.After helping me work out some of the kinks on my page tonight, he noticed I had written some html in some of my posts concerning font size and style. He asked me if I had done it myself, and when I answered yes, he was rather impressed. Then he asked me where I learned it from. Uh oh. Do I tell him what he wants to hear, or do I tell him the truth.? I decided to come clean. I confessed that I had “consulted” another man by the name of Google. I can’t help it! This man has an answer for everything!

The thing is, Mr. Google doesn’t sit me down and go into all the different possible scenarios I might encounter, like how to “cut off” things like italics or large font sizes in a posting so that the command isn’t carried out on the rest of a web page. No, I learned about this through trial and error.

So, how did I solve the problem? I got a second opinion. I swallowed my pride and asked my old man for help. The outcome? Another thirty minute lesson in html. Only this time I listened. Now if he can only get Noah to listen…

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