“Riding along on my bicycle… ” Sung to tune of “Riding along in my automobile…”

O.K. So I’ve been contemplating getting a new bike for several years now. I have an old Schwinn mountain bike that was all that back when I bought her many years ago, but when I went through my divorce I stored her at my dad’s for a year or so. If you saw what she looks like now, it is apparent that the divorce took as hard a toll on her as it did the kids and me. However, she never sprung back. She is still rusted, her tires are still flat, and she is still covered in dirt. For years now, she has been sitting in my garage looking pretty pitiful. I haven’t had the heart to get rid of her. I tell myself that I’ll take her to a bike shop to get her tires pumped up, her chains replaced, her gears readjusted, and somehow get all the rust removed, but I cringe at what the bill will be. I know that I’ll probably be best off donating her to Goodwill and upgrading to a much newer, more improved model. No pun intended, I swear!! It’s a logical idea, but I cringe at making big purchases like this for myself.

Now that I’m no longer living in the country, I actually have a neighborhood with streets. This has me thinking a cruiser bicycle might be perfect for me. They are just too cute and fun to look at! Talk about feeling nostalgic. And I can justify a purchase like this too. Kroger isn’t even two miles away, and our local tax commissioner has spent some of our SPLOST dollars on building a new sidewalk outside my neighborhood into the shopping district. I’ve been talking to my best friend Craig, and it turns out that a few people near me have what I’m looking for slightly used, assembled, and much cheaper than I can buy new in the store. Currently this one is calling my name. She’s just sitting in someone’s garage hoping for a new owner that will actually ride her. Could it be fate?

I can’t say blue would be my first color pick, but for $100, she’s a beaut, especially if I add a cute basket to the front! And who knows, with my negotiating skills, I might get her for at least 25% off!

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  1. Wow, for $100, she IS a steal. I love the idea of riding a bike, but our neighborhood is so hilly, and the main streets (where I shop) are so packed with speeding cars I’m afraid to. Plus, I’m not so coordinated. 🙂

    Thanks for leaving a comment yesterday, I really appreciated it. Now I’m looking forward to perusing your blog!

  2. Very cool bike. You could even stash a pug in the front if you so desired!

  3. I’ll only stash a pug in my basket if you’ll join me while riding my bike through Asheville in June lol!!! I don’t think I’m gutsy enough to do that, but Mr. Chris probably is.

  4. Elizabeth,
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t so coordinated!! I told my husband I was thinking about riding it to work this summer (my job is only 3.5 miles away), but the idea kind of freaked him. He suggested I buy a helmet before a basket!

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