Going crazy…

I officially started working on my master’s degree this week. I sort of decided to enroll last minute, and man, has the roller coaster begun! I am obtaining my degree online, and this concept is taking some getting used to. I am in constant fear that an assignment has been posted and I have overlooked it because I forgot to click on a link. Today I discovered that my fear was justified when my coworker who is working on the same degree showed me a tab I never knew existed. The result was another paper due by Sunday. And I was beginning to think I had things under control.

The oddest thing in all of this is I forgot how crazy going to school makes me. It is so hard managing classes, work and family. I noticed this afternoon that I had ripped my classroom apart pulling things to get ready for teaching next year instead of working on an assignment that was due tonight. Oh, the art of procrastination. I have finished the assignment, and gotten a head start on another one, but more work awaits me. I can already feel my blood-pressure rising, my food cravings beginning, and I am already beginning the snapping. By snapping I mean snapping other people’s heads off. My poor family has eighteen or twenty months of this to look forward to. Let’s hope they are more patient than me.

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