Kindred Spirits

Isn’t amazing how God always surrounds us with others who we can connect to? The move to Duluth was HUGE for me. I was so worried about leaving my close friends and family behind. However, God has blessed me with some pretty awesome new friends, and that has helped with the homesickness. I am not completely cured, but my new kindred spirits have caught on to when I might need cheering up, especially one in particular.

Recently I received some rather unsettling news that caught me off guard, it seemed my children were turning against me, I was stressed out from starting graduate school, and I was anxious concerning an upcoming trip. (What can I say, I’m wound a little too tight.) I went in to work, and someone had laid a bag stuffed full of goodies on my desk. Inside it was the latest Country Home magazine, a huge chocolate bar with a note attached, a copy of the Juno soundtrack, and a list of conversation starters. Only one person here would know to get me that magazine, my new good friend Carrie. Of course she tried to deny it, but who else besides my husband would come up with something as special and random as that? Yeah, God is good…

And thanks to Carrie, if you’re stuck and don’t know what to say, I picked out a few of the best for you:
-What if the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about?
-Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
-Can a cross-eyed teacher control his pupils?
-If you only have one eye, are you blinking or winking?
-If you have a gun and you ask, “Can I ask you a question?” and they say “Fire away!” should you shoot them?
-Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant?

Maddie is fascinated with two of these. The one eyed question and the glue question. She can’t stop talking about them:)

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Covetous thoughts…


Traffic was very slow moving on my way home from work today. It took about ten minutes for me to go half of a mile. As I neared the end of the road, I discovered the hold up. The road was being patched. That wasn’t so surprising. What was surprising were the thoughts in my head as I drove by. As I watched the workers flip their signs from STOP to SLOW, I thought to myself, “Wow! I bet that’s a cool job to have!” Yep, it’s been a rough week…

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A Happy Mother’s Day!

Things haven’t been the best in the ol’ motherhood department lately. Whether out of guilt, or out of just plain old love, my children gave me the best Mother’s Day of my life! I came home after hearing a sermon about Hannah, and the dining room table was filled with goodies! There was a purse I had been eyeing at the Eddie Bauer outlet. There was a vase full of flowers from my daughter’s best friend Jessica whom I’ve sort of adopted. Inside the purse were goodies from Bath and Body Works, a huge card made out of poster board from Maddie and Jessica, a card from Noah and a sweet letter from Maddie. While I was out doing a little shopping with the kids, Chris grilled out rib eye steaks (my favorite!), shrimp, and baked some potatoes. He even baked brownies and served them hot on top of a bowl of ice cream. Yum!! Yeah, I’d say overall it was a good Mother’s Day!

My birthday is later this week. I wonder what they’ve got planned so that they can outdo today:) O.K. O.K. I’ll stop being greedy!!

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The Unexplainable Teens…

I have noticed that there are no good books that give good, practical parenting advice on the teen years. Like, what do you do when you catch your child cursing? What is the appropriate punishment for that? What do you do when your child acts as if he/she hates you? How do you react? Do you ignore or reach out to them more? So many things pop up during this trying stage of life, and I notice the gray hairs on my head are quickly multiplying. When my kids were little, every thing came to me so naturally. Now that they are independent thinkers my hands are full and I’m at a loss on what to do. Why do kids not come with handbooks? I need a handbook, darn it!!

And we want to have a second batch of youngsters. Can I raise them for the first 9 or so years and then send them to a camp for the next 9? Now that’s an idea…

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Going crazy…

I officially started working on my master’s degree this week. I sort of decided to enroll last minute, and man, has the roller coaster begun! I am obtaining my degree online, and this concept is taking some getting used to. I am in constant fear that an assignment has been posted and I have overlooked it because I forgot to click on a link. Today I discovered that my fear was justified when my coworker who is working on the same degree showed me a tab I never knew existed. The result was another paper due by Sunday. And I was beginning to think I had things under control.

The oddest thing in all of this is I forgot how crazy going to school makes me. It is so hard managing classes, work and family. I noticed this afternoon that I had ripped my classroom apart pulling things to get ready for teaching next year instead of working on an assignment that was due tonight. Oh, the art of procrastination. I have finished the assignment, and gotten a head start on another one, but more work awaits me. I can already feel my blood-pressure rising, my food cravings beginning, and I am already beginning the snapping. By snapping I mean snapping other people’s heads off. My poor family has eighteen or twenty months of this to look forward to. Let’s hope they are more patient than me.

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