Ups and Downs of Dieting, and Life…

Well, it is apparent that I chose to ignore my last blog entry. No menus were ever posted. No particular reason, except that I got busy with life. Life, even when it is good, is a roller coaster. I’ve been busy settling into my new home, my new role as wife, my new job, and wow, have there been tons of adjustments! The kids are settling in well at school, making friends, trying to find their place in this huge town. I’ve been doing the same.

Things were rough a couple of months ago. I was so homesick and ready to return home. My daughter was targeted by a group of bullies much like the movie Mean Girls, and I felt so helpless and scared for her as her mother. After days of crying, praying and yearning for the small town I came from, I came to realize that even in big towns, you can find good people with small town hearts and morals.

Now that I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m not in Kansas anymore, I’m ready to look ahead to all my new adventures. Decorating my new home bit by bit, trying to find the time to unpack those unattended to boxes. More trips to the goodwill, and most excitedly, holidays in my new home with my new husband, and our new family:)

And on a lighter note: I’ve lost about 5 pounds since the last entry. (It’s a start. Now I’ve just got to get my butt moving. Trying to find time to make it to the gym. I’m confident I’ll find it. Until then, it’s mind over matter.)

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