The scales don’t lie…

Before the wedding, Chris posted an entry on his website about how he seemed to be growing larger and larger. A few weeks ago though, he wrote about how he has lost 11 pounds since the wedding. It’s nice to know that married life has been kinder to one of us than the other. My scales had been temporarily lost in the move, and once found, I discovered my weight has crept up to a whopping 150 pounds! According to the BMI charts, I am in the overweight category. I know that these charts aren’t always accurate, but I believe in my case it is. Yesterday I went shopping with Noah, and he suggested that I purchase some maternity clothes to lounge around in because he heard that they are supposed to be very comfortable. Later he went so far as to suggest that I try on a medium blouse I was thinking about purchasing because in his opinion “it looked too small” for me.

Ordinarily I would never post my weight with it being this high. I don’t even think Chris knows what I weigh. However, the increased weight gain is bothering me to the point that I’m becoming depressed over how I look. Last night I kept having dreams about standing on a scale and jumping off it anytime someone approached it so that the numbers would erase. 150 pounds may not be a lot for some people, but it is for someone 5’1″ and used to being very petite. A couple of years ago I began feeling fat when the scales tipped 120-125. Then I began appreciating the extra curves and liked some of the extra weight, but I’ve got to do something before I have more curves than my hubby will be able to put his arms around. I’ve joined the YMCA, but have yet been able to find the time to workout. I did swim for about 30 minutes today, which I guess is a good start, but I’m going to have to put my rear in gear if I’m going to see results.

My goal: To make it back down to 120: a nice, slim, but still curvy size for me. I would like anyone who has struggled with their weight and successfully overcome it to send me any nice practical tips or encouragement. I’m making my weight public because I feel that it is an issue I’ve been trying to keep in darkness, and it’s time I bring it to light. It’s almost as if I’ve been lying to myself and others about the weight gain. I’d admit to others about how needing to lose weight, but not admitting the extent of the problem. I currently weigh 18 pounds more than I did at nine months pregnant with both of my kids! That is as much weight as some people gain in an entire pregnancy. I have to do something about this because the extra 30 pounds is making me feel tired and my energy is zapped. Plus, it is affecting my self-image.

I will begin posting my diet and exercise routine on the web until I reach my goal. Feel free to criticize, encourage, whatever. I have got to make this happen.

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