Mrs. Sheppard

Well, it’s official. I am now Mrs. Christopher Lee Sheppard. The wedding and honeymoon were both wonderful and unforgettable. I am beginning to settle into my new home and establishing my role as wife. Things have been going very smoothly, especially with the children adjusting. They have been so well-behaved and happy. Likewise, Chris and I have been adjusting well to married life. It has been a very exciting and comforting feeling to be a complete family.

Pictures for the wedding and honeymoon can be found at Look under the post “All Wedding’d Out” for links to photos.

With the new role of wife comes many tasks I must attend to. I have been busily unpacking boxes and trying to make things more livable. Things are slowly falling into place. However, there is little time for things like blogging or conversing. On that note, a dining room full of boxes awaits me. I found out that the garbage service only hauls them off if they’re broken down and stacked…

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