The Wedding Itch…

The wedding is getting closer and closer. Only three more weeks after this weekend! I’m so excited that some would say I’ve developed the wedding “itch”. Literally.

I have developed a rash that covers me from head to toe after helping Chris in his yard last weekend. Apparently the crepe myrtle branches we had mulched contained undetectable poison ivy due to them being cut during the winter months. I am assuming the dust must have contained the sumac oil as well because there is not a white spec on my face anymore. I wake up every day to new patches of red, itchy skin. My students are worried and scared: they’re afraid they will catch it. I’ve done the research, and the rash itself is not contagious. That is a myth. My coworkers are jealous: they all wish they could coordinate with pink outfits as well as I do this week.

I’ve managed to keep the itching under control with calamine lotion which makes me even pinker, and caladryl which is clear (yay!). However, I couldn’t get the rash to heal up faster. Now I have a new problem. I’ve been prescribed prednisone, a steroid, and it has many side effects. Mood swings, swelling of the face, feet and hands, hair growth on your face, and weight gain due to increased appetite. This concerns me after reading Chris’s latest blog about “living large”. (I kept telling him the medium shirts were not shrinking! It took popping a button off a third pair of pants for the lightbulb to go off.)

I thought I would try and postpone taking the steroid a few more days to see if the rash would begin to heal on its own, but when I woke up, I had new rashes on my eyelids and neck. I decided that we’ve spent too much on the wedding photographer to have a spotted bride in all the photos. I can always have the excess hair waxed, and one article I read said that you may see a shifting on how the fat lays on your body. I wonder if it’s common for some of the weight in your hips and butt to shift on up to the breast area. Maybe if I stand on my head the prednisone will encourage this to happen…

There is one perk though: I cannot be accused of being a bridezilla or an overly frazzled teacher at the end of the school year. It’s all the prednisone…

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