Things we take for granted…

In life we take so many things for granted. I think about this often, but for some reason the thought hit me hard about a week ago heading home from Atlanta. I was sitting in traffic, and I was very irritated over how slow the lanes were moving. Once the traffic sped up, the ride smoothed out. There was nice new asphalt everywhere! In fact, a whole new lane of it so that more drivers like me can travel with less congestion. I was able to drive faster and smoother, with more switching lane room, and while doing so, I noticed all the men and women on the side of the roads with lights and machinery set up so they could widen the highway. I instantly tried to put myself in their shoes, and the thought of having so many drivers like me flying by while I worked made me a tad nervous. O.K. A lot nervous. I would be terrified of getting ran over!
I seriously wonder how many road-work related accidents and fatalities have actually occurred. If it means anything to anyone out there, I really appreciate these workers and what they do for our road system. Thank you for making my roads nice to drive on:)

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