Still Alive!

I cannot believe how little time I have for anything lately. Especially blogging. I’ve had a lot of things happening, so I guess it is time to update my site a bit.

I am officially employed for next year. The job search has ended, so now I can focus on other things. I will be teaching third grade (again!) at Noah’s school. I am excited about this, because Noah can ride to school or catch the bus. Even though he and Maddie have both always went to school where I taught, this will be the first time I’ve taught in our actual district. Noah is excited that he’ll go to the same school as everyone in the neighborhood.

Chris and I have begun looking for churches near his home. We are trying to find a church that blends all of our worship styles in addition to providing good solid teaching. We visited a church right by my new job, and although the music wasn’t quite what we were looking for, the pastor preached an outstanding sermon. One of the best I’ve heard. He preached on Jesus washing the disciples feet before his crucifixion and how it was an act of service and love. It made me think a lot about how little we serve others, and how little we allow others to serve us. The biggest thing in his message that hit me was the mention of what Jesus must have been thinking when he looked into Judas’s eyes, seeing and knowing that he would be the one to betray him, and still he knelt before him and washed his feet just as he did the others. Even though I am a Christian, it is very difficult for me to love my enemies. Christ knew at that point that Judas was his enemy, yet he served him out of love. I’ve always known that Christ’s love for me is powerful, but this story really shed some light on how deeply he does love me even though I’m so undeserving.

Noah’s birthday is Sunday. He will be 10 years old. It’s hard to believe a decade has passed. But my oh my, what a decade does to a little boy’s personality. If some of his personality doesn’t change, he may not live to see another one…

Maddie had her first car accident and she is only twelve. It involved my car and front porch after she asked if she could put the car in reverse and back it up four inches and park it right back in place. She got forward and reverse mixed up, and didn’t realize that pushing the gas didn’t require nailing it to the floorboard. Fortunately her uncle is a builder and I have an old car that is paid for. I don’t think she’ll want to drive again any time soon.

There is much more to tell, but things are getting cloudy. Bedtime is drawing nigh… It’s morning duty this week: Yuck!

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  1. Congratulations on the job you were wanting! And a decade old, that’s super! Tell him happy birthday from this stranger a few states away.

    It would have been nice to see that park job by your daughter on video.

    You’re a treasure!

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