Wedding Plans and Job Searches…

Things have been incredibly busy lately! Wedding plans are coming. So far, all dresses have been bought: the bride’s, bridesmaids’, and flower girl’s. A location has been decided upon, thanks to Mrs. April Paulk. She has been generous enough to share her beautiful home and yard with us. It will be the backdrop for an outdoor celebration. A photographer has been decided upon: Lisa Marie Photography based out of Alpharetta, Georgia. I am especially excited about her taking our photos because she is experienced not only behind the camera but in front of it as well. She was a professional model for fifteen years, and worked for companies such as Revlon and Oil of Olay. Much of her work looks like something out of a magazine. I am expecting her to work her magic and make me look gorgeous!

Chris has secured a honeymoon location. We are spending a week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at an all-inclusive resort. He went on and on in his blog about how he didn’t know what all the fuss was about when it came to wedding planning because it only took him two days to book the honeymoon. He forgot to mention that a travel agent did all of the work…

Finding musicians was difficult. Chris wants to d.j. the reception himself by downloading music that has meaning to us. I didn’t want to come down the aisle to prerecorded music with the ceremony being outdoors. String musicians are hard to find here, but thanks to an old friend who is also a music teacher, I was hooked up with two local high school students that are also siblings. One plays cello, the other violin. They have officially been hired. We are excited to have stumbled upon their young talent.

While wedding plans are underway, the job hunt has begun. I will be relocating to Gwinnett County, and the apprehension continues to rise. As I look at different schools, the numbers, statistics, and demographics of the school system frighten me. I am used to teaching in a predominantly white school system, with an average of 500 students in an elementary school. In Gwinnett County, the schools have well over a thousand students, and the diversity is amazing. One school I’m looking at has a population that looks like this: less than 10% is white; the majority (+80%) is Hispanic, and many students do not speak English. Not only do I not speak Spanish, but some would argue that the twang I speak with is not considered English. This small town girl is about to venture out into the real world… Multicultural America, here I come!

Keep me in your thoughts as I venture out of my comfort zone into unchartered territory. One thing is for sure: the man I’m doing this all for is definitely worth it.

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