Commenting on Closed Comments…

My fiance’ has his own blog, but keeps comments closed. (Don’t tell anyone, but he’s sort of an internet snob.) Today he posted a super short entry, and I had to comment on it.

My comment is as follows: GA 400 did not make the list for two reasons: Chris and I do not regularly travel on GA 400. If either of us did, it would have made the list.
Anyone who has ever ridden in a car with either one of us knows what I’m talking about…

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  1. I love this new blog look. So cute!

    How did your Christmas go? Thought of you!!

    Praying blessings & refreshment for your day today-

  2. My Christmas was awesome. Low-key for the most part, which is good. On the 23rd we went to my sister’s house and celebrated. The kids had not went to their dad’s yet. Christmas Eve I cleaned all day and did laundry. Christmas morning Chris and I went to the Waffle House for breakfast. We had the sweetest waitress. Everyone there was so happy. Then that afternoon, my ex brought the kids home and my family came over for Christmas dinner. I made a couple of different types of chili, some appetizers, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. I made my sisters some special hot cocoa, and had a great time watching my niece, nephews, and own children just play. It was really good. Chris’s parents came down about a week before Christmas and we celebrated Christmas with them then. It was so wonderful. While they were down visiting, I arranged for them to eat a late lunch with my family so they could all meet before the wedding. That went well.

    My dad was so sweet Christmas evening. He made a speech about each of us, and how proud he was of all of us. Family is so nice, especially when you’re all believers. That is a miraculous blessing in itself:)

    I hope your holiday was equally as wonderful. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers…


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