My latest discovery…

One of my favorite past times ever is shopping at yard sales and flea markets. It stems from warm childhood memories of Saturday mornings with my dad. Sometimes we would go to the flea market and haggle over anything, eat boiled peanuts until our tummies ached, and drink cold, glass-bottled Coca-Cola. Other times, we would ride through the country for hours with no real purpose in mind, looking at the beautiful Georgia hills and mountains, and stop at every yard sale we stumbled upon.

Anytime I am able to do either, I’m taken over by strong feelings of nostalgia. As an adult, most of my favorite pieces of furniture, books, or other items are not pieces I spent lots of money on. They are odd items I’ve picked up here and there: an unheard of flea market I happened to stumble upon while out driving, or an awesome yard sale. There is always a memory connected to how I found the item and the bargaining involved to get an awesome deal, thanks to the haggling and bargain-hunting skills I inherited from my dad.

Unfortunately, a jam-packed schedule prevents me from finding the time to take advantage of this kind of shopping as often as I would like. It’s not easy finding such rare finds. It requires time, patience, and luck.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered something new:Craig’s List! It’s the most awesome thing. It’s a huge online yard sale! You can find anything, and for cheap. Usually pictures are posted, and you can do all the haggling through email instead of face to face, which allows me to be more ruthless because I’m not worried about insulting anyone. If I don’t like the price I’m given then I don’t have to even look at it. It’s the best thing ever! I can go to yard sales and flea markets whenever I want, right from the comfort of my own home. So far I’ve gotten a futon frame someone originally purchased from Ikea (which was much needed because my students destroyed mine), a basketball goal for my son’s Christmas present, and a television stand for Chris’s house.

If you’ve never heard of it, or if you’re looking to buy anything new or used and want a good deal, check out the website.

You might just be as surprised and excited as me. Happy shopping!!

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  1. In-nay on the asket-bay all-bay ost-pay before Istmas-Chray.

  2. You know I don’t understand Pig Latin!! Noah doesn’t read my blog… I think you said something about me posting before Christmas about the ________.

  3. The head of met with a bunch of big business people. The clash of cultures is astounding:

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