Sitcom Parenting…

I had one of those “t.v.” mornings while getting the kids to school this morning. Maddie beginning middle school has complicated our mornings, especially now that she has to catch the bus.  When I say it’s time to leave “right now”, she automatically assumes it’s O.K. to add five or so minutes.  The problem? Her bus has never been late. Early, yes, but late, no.

 As the school year progresses, so does the number of times she has missed the bus. She has been relying on a friend as her back-up plan. If she is cutting it close, she calls her to pick her up. 

As the bus pulls off, her friend calls because she can’t pick her up. Maddie is usually in charge of finding her own way to school in these situations. However, she has learned the right people to call when she is in a bind.  This is preventing me from successfully enforcing the “leave right now” concept.  

So, I pulled my own strings. I arranged for her to ride to school with the person of my choice. You should of seen the  look on her face as she left!

The drama didn’t begin or end with her. Noah decided as we were pulling in to the parking lot that he needed to stay home. He informed me the previous evening at bedtime that he felt as if he were dying and would probably be unable to go to school. He was curious if I could find a sub at the last minute. I informed him that he could go to the nurse if he felt that bad. He went into the spill about how that wasn’t going to do him any good because he didn’t have a fever, wasn’t throwing up, and didn’t have diarrhea. (Aren’t these the requirements for staying home?)

 I appeased him by telling him I would write his teacher a note informing her of his condition. When he came back to my room to get his bookbag, I told him there was no need for me to do so because I ran into her in the mailroom. I updated her of his condition and stated out loud to him (in front of all my students) that she would allow him to go to the bathroom anytime he needed to go. He darted out of my room, head ducked, cheeks red as a beet mumbling, “That’s gross!”

Satisfaction rendered as I watched both go on their way. I felt I had provided each with just enough humiliation for lessons to be learned. And who said parenting wasn’t fun?

P.S. Noah made it through the day without having to go to the nurse or bathroom…

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